What do you to laze around?

Hi everyone I’m blogging because i want to know what you get up to when your lazing around. Do you sleep all day watch TV all day stay in bed all day. You tell me!



Lets say you needed the toilet and you were right next to a stranger  house

would you:

A. Run inside their homes screaming move I need to go to the toilet

B. say excuse me but may I use you toilet

C. or hold it till you get home

Your Mum is nagging you to go food shopping. Ugh

Would you:

A. Shout at her and say no I’m going shopping

B. Just go along with the idea she cant be long going shopping

C. Pretend to be sick and say I’m sick I cant go shopping

Last but not least you were at school and you were trying to impress your crush but you fell and he helped you up

Would you:

A. stare at him while drooling

B. Say thanks and run off

C. just say it was a new dance

Finally you have finished your master quiz hope you had fun please comment and tell your friends about my awsome quiz hoped you liked

My give away

Hey everyone It’s your girl unicornlover800 here and I want to host a big give away contest

  1. first you need to call me so I can enter you onto my list for a raffle ticket costing 50p. (money goes to a charity called stay)(07508314085)
  2. Next you need to paint a canvas
  3. Then you need to keep track of the date because this contest will be at the end of June on the 28th of June
  4. This is a raffle so you have to contact me to join
  5. I will draw the raffle 3 times so we have 3 winners
  6. The winners get a basket load of gifts and books to have
  8. Love you all

My contest

Hi everyone It’s unicornlover800 here and i’m going blog about my brand new contest! Thats right its a contest for paintings I want all you commenters out their to write a short story about yourself’s. I will be hosting this and it will be a raffle so good luck to you. this will be held in ketley community center telford on the 17th  of june 2015. you have  3 weeks to plan your stories

raffle tickets do cost 50p because i am raising money for my school charity stay! So if you want to join jut call 07508314684 now!

New things in my life

I’m about to turn 11 in september

I’m the youngest in my family

I love music and unicorns

My new house is coming together

Me and my friend are new using WordPress

My friend already uses this website

My friend Emily (AKA secretidentity) is a blogger and a vlogger