Lets say you needed the toilet and you were right next to a stranger  house

would you:

A. Run inside their homes screaming move I need to go to the toilet

B. say excuse me but may I use you toilet

C. or hold it till you get home

Your Mum is nagging you to go food shopping. Ugh

Would you:

A. Shout at her and say no I’m going shopping

B. Just go along with the idea she cant be long going shopping

C. Pretend to be sick and say I’m sick I cant go shopping

Last but not least you were at school and you were trying to impress your crush but you fell and he helped you up

Would you:

A. stare at him while drooling

B. Say thanks and run off

C. just say it was a new dance

Finally you have finished your master quiz hope you had fun please comment and tell your friends about my awsome quiz hoped you liked


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